Bromo Temperature and Weather 2024

Bromo Temperature and Weather. The weather in Bromo is always changing. The temperature can change from day to night and vice versa. This is because the mountain itself has different temperatures depending on which part of the mountain you are at, as well as the season which affects how much moisture there is in the air or how easily it evaporates off surfaces like trees or rocks.

Bromo Temperature and Weather

Bromo Temperature 2024

The temperature in Bromo is cool. The average daily temperature is around 10°C – 15°C, but it can go up to 20°C during the day and down to 3°C – 9°C at night.

Bromo weather by month

November-February: High temperatures range from 13°C to 17°C, with lows of 7°C to 10°C. Dry conditions prevail and there is little rain during this period.

March-May: The temperature ranges from 15°C to 17°C and there is little rain in this period.

June-August: The temperature ranges from 16°C to 20°C with little or no rainfall during summer season. this is the best month for mount bromo tour. Sometimes this month also experiences the peak of winter which is estimated to reach temperatures of 2°C – 5°C so that at this moment it experiences extreme weather where ice grains are commonly referred to by local people as “Embun Upas”.

Why does the temperature in Bromo always change?

The temperature in Bromo always changes because of the location of the mountain.

The weather in Bromo also changes and affects its temperature.

The time of year can affect it too, since Bromo is located at an altitude of 2,590 meters above sea level (which means that it’s colder at night than during daytime).

How to check the weather in Bromo Indonesia

Find out what’s happening at Bromo today and tomorrow.

Get an overview of the weather in Bromo for this week, next week, this month and more.

stay longer at the bromo mountain so you can feel different temperatures of bromo.

The temperature of Bromo Mountain is always changing. This mountain has a lot of different types of weather conditions, including:

The temperature on Bromo Mountain can vary greatly depending on the month of the year and time of day. In February, for example, it might be cooler than average because there aren’t many people around to heat up things with their bodies (and burning wood).

If you visit at night or in the morning hours (between 6:00AM-10:00AM), then your body will absorb more sun than if you visited during an afternoon or evening time period when people are out enjoying themselves near pools full of water where they can cool off from being too hot under direct sunlight rays coming from above them onto their bodies without protection from anything else except maybe clothing!


The temperature in Bromo Indonesia is always changing. With the rainy season, the temperature will be higher, and when it stops raining, it will fall again. The best time to visit this place is early winter when there are fewer people who live here. Please contact for more information on travel packages to Mount Bromo and its surroundings.

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