Ijen Crater Tour from Surabaya, Ferry Banyuwangi Bali

Ijen Crater tour is a tourist trip as well as climbing to the top of Mount Ijen which is located in East Java, precisely on the border of Bondowoso and Banyuwangi regencies.

Foreign tourists who come to East Java Indonesia will mostly stop at this tourist spot. Its rare natural beauty attracts tourists from various countries to come to visit.

What’s interesting about this natural tourist destination is the natural phenomenon of burning sulfur gas that emits blue flames.

The best time to climb Ijen is at night before sunrise because during the day the beauty of the blue fire cannot be seen by our eyes.

Ijen Crater Tour

Ijen Crater Tour

Ijen crater tour is a tour package that offers witness the natural beauty of Mount Ijen by climbing to see the natural phenomena of blue fire and sulfur crater lake.

Going to Ijen can be reached easily via Surabaya (the capital city of East Java) or from Bali island. The long drive from Surabaya to the Ijen climbing post is about 7 hours by road, while from Bali it is about 4-5 hours of driving including the ferry crossing from Gilimanuk Harbor to Ketapang Harbor, Banyuwangi.

How to get to Mount Ijen

The easiest way to get to Mount Ijen from Surabaya or Bali is with tour services. Because there is no public vehicle that passes the route there. There are many choices of tour packages that you can choose to be able to visit Ijen.

The trip round trip to Mount Ijen takes the shortest one day, but if your holiday time is long enough it doesn’t hurt to at the same time the Mount Bromo tour at the same time to Mount Ijen if the departure from the city of Surabaya and ends in Bali or vice versa.

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To Ijen from Bali, departing in the afternoon then crossed with a ferry to Java. Around midnight began to climb a few hours later in the afternoon already in Bali again.

To Ijen from Surabaya, the road trip is further than the departure from Bali. The travel time is driving for approximately 7 hours. Staying near the location of Ijen is a smart choice for Ijen tour from Surabaya. (It’s the same if you go to Ijen from Malang City)

How long does it take to climb Mount Ijen

Hike to the top of the crater of Mount Ijen from midnight to get the perfect view. The climb takes about 1.5-2 hours starting from the Paltuding post to the view of Ijen Crater.

The length of the track is approximately 3 km. The first 2 km distance really feels uphill even though the road is very wide. Unlike the next 1km the road is more gentle but feels difficult because the road is narrow and there is not much room to rest so it can block other people. From here the smell of sulfur began to smell very pungent.

What’s interesting in Ijen

Ijen crater : The lake at the top of Mount Ijen is turquoise blue

Blue Fire : A rare natural phenomenon of a chemical combustion process originating from sulfur and oxygen which produces blue flames that appear in the cracks on the edge of the Ijen Crater Lake.

The Miners : People working to find and transport sulfur from the bottom of the crater to the factory to be stockpiled and processed.

Ijen Crater Tour Package & Price

Before going to Ijen, make sure first where the departure and finish your trip because it really determines the price of the tour. Please contact us for ijen tour package price from bali and surabaya.

Email : bromomalangtour@yahoo.com

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Take note !! the following route to Ijen.

Ijen Tour from Surabaya

Ijen Tour from Surabaya


Ijen from Bali

Ijen from Bali

Look into the volcanic crater of Mount Ijen and see the famous blue fires
Hike through a rainforest of giant ferns and trees
Get panoramic views of the sulfur lake and surrounding scenery
Watch the sunrise over East Java

Itinerary Ijen Tour Package 2 Days

Day 01: Pick Up – Hotel Overnight

Our driver will pick you up from surabaya , banyuwangi or bali ( train station, airport, ferry harbour etc ) by private car and then we will take you to hotel in the Bondowoso or Banyuwangi area.

Check in and Free program.

Day 2 Mount ijen Hike – Drop Off

The best moment to visit ijen for blue fire at 01.00 am.

Our driver will pick up you at the hotel and then continue travel to the village of Licin and drive through a rainforest of giant ferns and trees on the slopes of Mount Ijen.. The driver will bring you to the parking area of ijen crater. From the hotel to the parking area Paltuding takes around 45minutes – 1,5 hours depending on where the hotel is located.

Then you will reach the parking area. finally, you are going to walk as far as three kilometres. about 2 kilometres uphill and 1 kilometre flat. After that, you can enjoy the beauty of the blue fire until the sun comes up and you can see the biggest crater lake in Indonesia and the mining worker carrying the sulfur.

After you enjoy the beauty of ijen crater. we will back to parking then we escort you back to the hotel after breakfast we will drop off you at ferry port Banyuwangi to Bali or Surabaya train station or airport and finish the ijen blue fire tour.

Itinerary Ijen Midnight Tour

We pick up participants at night from your location then drive to the climbing post to the top of Ijen called Paltuding. The duration of the driving trip depends on the pick-up location.

Notes you need to know:

  • To Ijen pick up in Surabaya and Malang around 6-7 pm.
  • To Ijen pick up in Banyuwangi around 1 pm.
  • To Ijen pick up in Bali around 8-9 pm.

Arriving at the Paltuding post, then arrange for Ijen ticket online and be accompanied by a local guide to climb to the top of Mount Ijen.

The climbing time is around 1.5-2 hours depending on how fast you walk. The distance covered is about 3 km. Arriving at the edge of the Ijen crater then continue down to the bottom of the crater to see the blue fire.

When the sky starts to brighten, visitors climb back up to the edge of the Ijen crater to see the panoramic view of the beauty of this turquoise green sulfur lake, which is the largest crater lake in the world.

Once satisfied with enjoying the beauty of the Ijen crater, participants must then go back down to Paltuding and our team will take them home to the initial pick-up location or to the agreed location previously. The tour to the Ijen crater ends.