Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Malang City Tour

Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Malang City Tour is a tourist trip to East Java by visiting the best tourist destinations in the area. Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater are popular active volcano tourist attractions. Malang city is a mountainous area where there are many interesting natura tourist attractions, so if a visit to the volcano (bromo ijen tour package) is combined with a tourist destination in Malang (City sightseeing) it will be very complete and satisfying.

Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Malang City Tour

Mount Bromo Ijen Malang City Tour

An interesting tour package that you can choose when visiting East Java is a combination of trips to Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater and Malang City. With this tour you will have many opportunities to visit natural tourist destinations such as waterfalls, apple garden, flower gardens and volcanoes.

Itinerary Bromo Ijen Malang Tour Package 4 Days 3 Nights

The following is an example of a detailed itinerary that may be changed to suit your arrival and return schedule. If you match the program below then you must come in Surabaya airport at afternoon / evening (Between 12pm-6pm) and return schedule at night (Minimum 6pm).

Day 1 Surabaya Airport – Bromo Hotel

Upon arrival at Juanda International Airport, Surabaya, we will pick you up for transfer to your hotel on Mount Bromo. The travel time from Surabaya airport to the hotel in Bromo is around 3 hours via the Surabaya – Probolinggo toll road. Arriving at the hotel then check in to rest in preparation for the Bromo Sunrise tour.

Day 2 : Bromo Tour – Ijen Hotel (Bondowoso)

Early in the morning, prepare to tour Bromo by jeep. A jeep will pick you up at the hotel lobby and take you to the sunrise viewing spot. Popular locations to see the sunrise on Bromo are at the top of Penanjakan and Kingkong Hill. Jeep picked up at the hotel around 03 am.

Sunrise in Bromo will appear for the first time around 5.15 in the morning, this is the highlight of the tourist visit in Bromo, namely the stunning golden sunrise.Not only that, you can see the natural beauty, when the sun starts to rise, you will be treated to a spectacular view, namely a symmetrical row of Mount Batok, Bromo and Semeru.

When they are satisfied, participants must return to the jeep and continue the journey to the Bromo sea of ​​sand (parking area). Bromo sand sea is the access to the Bromo crater on foot / riding a horse. You can see the splendor of the Bromo crater directly from the crater rim. The distance from the sea of ​​sand (jeep parking) to the Bromo crater is around 1.5 km.

After leaving the Bromo crater, then return to the jeep parking lot in the sea of ​​sand to be taken back to the hotel. Arriving from the hotel, you can immediately have breakfast, pack your luggage and prepare to check out.

After checking out, our team will take you to a hotel in the Bondowoso city area, which is the closest city to Mount Ijen. The driving time is around 4-5 hours to Ijen Hotel from the Bromo area. Arrive at the Ijen Hotel then check in and prepare for the midnight climb to enjoy the blue fire.

Day 3 : Ijen Crater Tour – Malang City

At around 12 midnight, our team will take you to the Paltuding post which is the starting location for climbing Mount Ijen. Driving time to Paltuding post from Bondowoso Hotel about 1.5 hours. Arrive at the Paltuding post around 1.30 am and take care of the entrance ticket and have a short briefing with the local guide and start climbing 2 am. The average length of the climb to Ijen peak is around 1.5-2 hours covering approximately 3 km.

After arriving at the top of Ijen, participants are required to descend to the rim of the crater to be able to see the blue flames of Ijen. You can watch the blue flames of Ijen up close until the sky starts to lighten, and the journey continues up the edge of the mountain to see the beauty of the Ijen sulfur crater.

At around 7.30 am, the tour at Ijen ends and participants have to climb down to the Paltuding post. Upon arrival in Paltuding then return to the hotel. Arrive at the hotel then have breakfast and rest for a while before driving to Malang city.

12pm start driving to Malang for about 6 hours, Check in hotel and rest after dinner.

Day 4 : City Tour Malang – Surabaya Airport

After breakfast at the hotel then head to the Coban Rondo waterfall, continue to the apple orchard and Selecta flower garden. After that, return to the hotel and check out. Drive to Rumah Warna / Rainbow Village to see the uniqueness of the village in Malang city. Finish from here, go straight to Surabaya airport and tour finished.

Bromo Ijen Malang Tour Price 4 Days 3 Nights

Total ParticipantPrice Per Person
2 PersonIDR 4.100.000 Per Person
3 PersonIDR 3.293.000 Per Person
4 PersonIDR 2.892.000 Per Person
5 PersonIDR 2.652.000 Per Person

Facilities :

  • Private transportation during the 4 day tour includes petrol, toll ticket
  • Bromo entrance ticket for foreign tourists
  • Ijen entrance ticket for foreign tourists
  • Malang entrance ticket for foreign tourists
  • Bromo jeep rental
  • 1 night hotel in Bromo
  • 1 night hotel in Ijen
  • 1 night hotel in Malang
  • 3x breakfast at the hotel
  • Local guide in Ijen
  • Rent a gas mask in Ijen

Not included Facilities :

  • Lunch and dinner
  • Horse rental in Bromo
  • travel insurance
  • Health certificate (requirements for climbing Ijen)

The itinerary above is flexible and you can customize it if it doesn’t suit your wishes. Don’t hesitate to contact online service if there is anything that needs to be discussed.

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