Bromo Ijen Tour 2 Days

Bromo Ijen Tour 2 Days Embark on an adventure to explore the amazing beauty of East Java with a shorter duration than expected. This extraordinary journey will take you to witness two of the region’s most famous natural phenomena: the mesmerizing sunrise of Mount Bromo and the stunning Blue Fire of Ijen.

Bromo Ijen Tour 2 Days

Over 2 days, you will explore the heart of Java, enjoying the stunning views that will make for an unforgettable experience that is characteristic of this enchanting region of Indonesia. This article will guide you through all the practical itineraries for an unforgettable 2 day adventure to Mount Bromo and Ijen.

Itinerary Mount Bromo Ijen Tour 2 Days

Your 2-day adventure begins in Malang or Surabaya city and from here, you’ll be transported to the otherworldly landscapes of Mount Bromo and then going to Ijen Crater. Mount Bromo and Ijen Tour 2 days program this time has a shorter duration than the 3 days 2 nights it should be because this tour does not require staying overnight in Bromo, namely by leaving at midnight from Malang or Surabaya and just staying near Ijen.

Day 1: From Malang / Surabaya to Mount Bromo Midnight

00:00 AM: Your journey starts with a pickup from your hotel or accommodation in Malang or Surabaya city.

03.00 AM: Arrive at Suttle Jeep area, Drive to Mount Pananjakan or Kingkong Hill

04:30 AM: Arrive at Mount Pananjakan and get ready for the highlight of the trip – the Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour.

06:00 AM: Head to the crater rim of Mount Bromo and witness the ethereal beauty of this active volcano.

09:00 AM: Return to your 4WD Jeep vehicle and drive to your hotel in the Mount Ijen area. Check-in and take some time to rest and freshen up.

06:00 PM: Enjoy a good night’s sleep, as tomorrow holds another exciting adventure.

Day 2: From Hotel to Ijen Crater

00:00 AM: Wake up and prepare to depart for Ijen Crater.
00:30 AM: The journey from Hotel to Ijen Crater begins, with an approximately 30 minutes-1,5 hours drive depending on where the hotel used is located.
02:00 AM: Arrive at Paltuding, the starting point for your Ijen Trekking adventure. Meet your local guide, rent gas masks if needed, and commence the trek.
04:00 PM: Reach the mesmerizing Ijen Crater and witness the Ijen Blue Fire. Explore the area and marvel at its turquoise-blue lake crater.
07:00 PM: Begin the descent back to Paltuding.
09:00 PM: Return to your hotel in the Ijen area (if the hotel location is in the direction of his return), where you can relax and prepare for your journey back to Malang or Surabaya city.
11:00 AM: Depart for Malang or Surabaya city.
17:00 PM: Arrive in Malang or Surabaya, marking the end of this amazing tour.

*It’s possible to drop off at ferry port to Bali (est. 1 hour drive from paltuding post Ijen)

Bromo Ijen 2D1N Tour Price

The cost of the Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Package 2 Days can vary depending on the inclusions, and group size. Please contact us !!

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The tour price typically includes the following:

Transportation: Your tour includes pick-up and drop-off at your destination.
Accommodation: Accommodation in the Mount Ijen area is provided, ensuring you’re well-rested for your trekking adventure.
Entrance Tickets: All entrance tickets to Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater are included in the tour price.
Local Guide: An experienced local guide will accompany you during the Ijen Trekking, ensuring your safety and providing insights into the local culture.
Gas Masks: The rental of gas masks for your Ijen Crater adventure is included in the price.