Mount Bromo Tour From Surabaya

Mount Bromo Tour From Surabaya

Mount Bromo Tour From Surabaya – Mount Bromo tour is very easy to reach from Surabaya. Get to the city of Surabaya by using air, land and sea transportation services. Then please book a Bromo tour package to get convenience because accommodation facilities have been provided on this trip with departure from Surabaya.

The facilities you can enjoy when using Bromo tour services from Surabaya are shuttle transportation, Bromo entrance ticket, rent Jeep Bromo Sunrise and hotel if you intend to spend the night.

Bromo Tour From Surabaya

Mount Bromo tour which will take you to the best destinations such as seeing the sunrise from the top of Mount Penanjakan, climbing to the Bromo crater, and exploring the savanna of Teletubbies hill and whispering of sand by driving a jeep.

Bromo tour package from Surabaya is one of the cheap Surabaya packages travel options. There are various attractive tour package options that you can choose based on duration with shuttle from Surabaya.

The distance from Surabaya to Bromo, which only takes 3 hours to drive, makes it possible for you to go easily and quickly. The most common service offers to Bromo from local travel in Surabaya include:

1. Bromo Tour Midnight

The short journey lasts 12 hours with a midnight departure from the city of Surabaya. With this package, participants don’t need to stay overnight in Bromo but you can still explore everything the most beautiful destination in Bromo.

2. Bromo Tour 2 Days Include Hotel

Going to Bromo is incomplete if you don’t stay overnight. The duration of 2 days 1 night is sufficient to enjoy the atmosphere and destinations around Bromo by staying overnight. There are many hotel choices in Bromo, with a tour package you can get hotel facilities near Bromo.

3. Bromo Camping Tour 2 Days

The most effective way to be in Bromo is to be closer to its natural atmosphere. With a camping package, you will not only get natural views, but you can feel the atmosphere in Bromo second by second.

If you come at the right time, you can also get a beautiful view at night of a collection of millions of stars, which is usually called the Bromo Milky Way Tour.

Bromo Tour Package From Surabaya

These are several tour options to Bromo with short stops in Surabaya that are most popular among domestic and foreign tourists.

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If you have enough vacation time, try another sensation to explore the charm of natural beauty around East Java. Another popular natural tourist attraction is a Tumpak Sewu Waterfall, Ijen Crater etc.

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Travel Tips to Bromo from Surabaya

Holidays are indeed a very enjoyable activity. However, for beginners who have never visited Mount Bromo, of course they will be confused about several things that need to be prepared.

Due to lack of preparation, it sometimes makes the trip less enjoyable. Therefore, before going on holiday to Bromo, there are several tips you need to know.

Choosing the Right Time

Mount Bromo is a natural tourist attraction, which means it is outdoor. To visit this tourist spot, pay attention to the season in that place. Rainy season is not the right time to visit it.

Location of place to stay

Bromo is located in 4 districts in East Java which has access routes through 3 entrances (Malang, Pasuruan and Probolinggo). From Surabaya, the easiest route is via the Pasuruan and Probolinggo entrances. Make sure not to choose the wrong location to stay.

Look for accommodation near Bromo which is on the Pasuruan and Probolinggo route. If you get accommodation in Malang, it means your trip to Bromo will actually be farther if you start the journey from Surabaya.

Rent a Jeep

To explore all the destinations in Bromo, you must use a 4WD car. There are lots of jeep rentals here, so tourists often choose the wrong place to rent a jeep. So before renting a jeep, first pay attention to the route you take via which entrance, just like when you are registering online to buy Bromo tickets.

For example, if you have determined the route you will take, such as via Probolinggo, then look for a jeep rental on the Probolinggo gate route.

Bromo jeep rental prices vary depending on the route and location. See here for “Bromo jeep rental prices”.