Surabaya Bromo Tour

Surabaya Bromo Tour – The amazing natural charm of Mount Bromo It is one of the tourist destinations to see the sunrise in East Java, Indonesia. Every day many foreign tourists come to Mount Bromo to witness firsthand the beauty of the volcano which has just received the title as the third most beautiful national park in the world.

Surabaya Bromo Tour

Surabaya is the only city in East Java province that has an international airport so that it is easy for foreign tourists to reach them directly from their country. Upon arrival at Juanda International Airport in Surabaya, you can stop by or go straight to Mount Bromo in various ways which we will review below.

Surabaya to Mount Bromo

The travel route from Surabaya to Bromo can be reached by various means of public and private transportation because in this city itself there are various public facilities such as bus terminal, train station and airport. Or you can also choose a private transportation service which is more comfortable and flexible.

As a transit location before going to Bromo, Surabaya is a city that is very complete with connecting transportation modes between regions in East Java.

Mount Bromo is located on the border of Lumajang, Malang, Pasuruan and Probolinggo districts This can be reached directly from Surabaya. So, here is the easiest and safest way Surabaya Bromo tour.

Surabaya Bromo Tour By Bus

The first thing you have to do is go to Bungurasih Terminal or Purabaya Terminal in the city of Surabaya. After that, select your destination and go to the terminal in the next city which is closer to Bromo, for example the Banyuangga Probolinggo terminal. One of the buses operating on this route is AKAS.

Probolinggo bus terminal is a 1 hour drive to Bromo. At this terminal, please look for public transportation (blue elf) to Bromo (located to the left of the terminal).

Surabaya Bromo Tour By Train

The second way is to take the train to the station near the Bromo gate. From Surabaya where you are then go to the Gubeng or Pasar Turi station and take the direction towards the city of Probolinggo.

From Probolinggo station then find transportation services to Mount Bromo. Usually there is only private transportation or if you are looking for public transportation, take the yellow car public transportation to get there terminal then from there there is a blue elf to the south of the terminal with a route to Bromo. This public transportation will start operating when it is full of passengers, so you have to be willing to wait.

Surabaya Bromo Tour by Rent Transport

The most practical way is to rent private transport which can be picked up directly from your location and taken directly to Mount Bromo. However, the cost is more expensive than using public transportation.

This shuttle service to Bromo usually also offers Bromo tour packages complete with accommodation facilities so that it is easier and less hassle to organize your own needs there.

Important to know before going to Bromo

Traveling to natural tourist attractions, especially Bromo, there are many things you need to know so that your trip runs smoothly and is enjoyable.

There are many things that need to be considered, not only the budget but also an introduction to the natural conditions of the destination. The weather forecast in Bromo should be your main concern on this trip.

Best Time

The best months to go to Bromo are July and August. This month is the peak of the dry season so you don’t need to worry about rain. Clear weather is expected to get a perfect view of the sunrise.

What to Bring

What you need to prepare to bring going to Bromo is complete clothing to protect against cold temperatures in Bromo. Use a water poof and wind proof jacket, but if you don’t prepare that, there are also rentals available. Protective accessories to keep your body warm can be purchased around Bromo, including gloves, scarves, head coverings, etc.

The distance

To see how far it is from Surabaya to Bromo is very easy with the Google Map application. Look for the fastest route to Bromo so that you have plenty of rest time, very different weather conditions can make the body susceptible to flu and fever.


Tours to Bromo from Surabaya have many offers based on time duration. 2 day 1 night Bromo tour might make more sense because you can stay at the same time and fully enjoy the atmosphere of Mount Bromo. However, the time you have is very short, you can still choose to go to Bromo midnight, even though you don’t have the opportunity to stay, you can still explore the entire Bromo area.

Vacationing here might seem complicated for those who have never been. Therefore, to make it easier to get the accommodation you need while in Bromo, please contact customer service to get a tour package offer complete with accommodation facilities.

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